Sunday, December 22, 2013

Birthday celebration at Imperial Treasure October

All these are must-haves at Imperial Treasure Steamboat. I consider them wonderful starters! Some like them crispy, some prefer them soaked in the thick rich soup.
Freshness of the ingredient should never be compromised in a steamboat and I think it seems somewhat guaranteed over here :) 
Of all the seafood and meat, I think fish's still my favourite!
Look who's chatting...and look who's bored
You cannot imagine how lovely and delicious this homebaked crepe cake is! Kat always takes great effort to bake for Miss Tan and myself for our birthday celebration, how blessed! Not to mention, the birthday cake always comes with lovely accessories, like knife and plate, all nicely prepared :P We love the cake, we really do and it was really yummy, not too sweet and just moist enough for our liking. Thank you, Kat!
Taking a photo with that gal who is always one week younger :)
Coincidentally, most in black, haha! 
It was not difficult for Constance to coordinate dinner for the October babies' birthday celebration. Both Miss Tan and I knew and agreed way ahead of the date that we wanted to have dinner at Imperial Treasure Steamboat, ha, a place that we visited quite a number of times but never seem to get tired of. Well, or maybe both of us are just simply too lazy to think much :P It was a Sunday evening and there was still quite a crowd in the restaurant. Had a good long meal and we were really full after the meal but we definitely could not resist the cake that Kat has baked for our birthdays. Kat, if you are reading this, I think I kinda miss that crepe cake...But to be able to taste it on that day was simply a bliss! To all the dearies who have celebrated my birthday and Miss Tan who is also an October baby, thank you for remembering and your friendship, love ya lots! :)

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